Divine Provision

September 10, 2018 by 0

After being broke for so long on the 19th of June when the Halleluyah challenge started, Pastor Nath said we should only thank God and not ask for anything so we were only thanking. Truly God showed up. That day i was blessed with N90,000. Amazing God

Fast forward to today, 27th June, after the Halleluyah Challenge i went to sleep and woke up feeling not at my peak. I remembered that Pastor told us to write 14 things we want God to do for us. That was the first thing I did this morning and as i wrote each one i felt better. A sense of peace I cannot explain and I thank God for it.

After being idle for so long I am so grateful to God I received my first payment for the year today. It is with a thankful heart i worship God.

God has done so much in these past week. Delivered me from evil manipulations of the devil several times, divine directions through dream, victory over enemies just to name a few.

Thank you Jesus and God bless you Sir.

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