September 6, 2018 by 0

Good morning Pastor Nathaniel, God bless you for being a blessing to many. I heard about the challenge for the first time when the first session was about ending that was somewhere in June or July. My best friend and i vowed to do the next one as we heard wonderful testimonies of what God was doing. We joined the open Heavens in November. i would wake up and join everyday, there were days i missed but would do it the next morning on my way to work. fast forward to one of the nights during the challenge, you shared a testimony of a woman who said during one of the earlier challenge as you were praying for the fruit of the womb, she feigned pregnancy and danced like a pregnant woman and God being so good as at the open heavens she was actually holding her baby dancing. As you were giving the testimony i also got up from my bed and started behaving like a pregnant woman holding my stomach and dancing… forward this year…. I am actually pregnant with my first child ….oh and i am married too. last year at the time of open heavens i wasnt married neither was i pregnant but God gave me my double double!!! I still do not believe it.. its like a dream. My best friend and i would always talk about how people had testimonies and ours never came but mine came in His own time and He blew my mind, hers will come too, i believe.. To everyone doing the challenge God really hears us, please take it seriously and do it with your whole heart mind and soul. God is faithful. He surely will come through for us all. #Olowogbogboro really turns things around#

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