Double Examination Blessings

August 3, 2017 by 0

This is my first time sharing a testimony ever because God is too much. At the last minute, God surprised me. I joined the hallelujah challenge and participate in writing a hallelujah report. The first two things I wrote, God has done it. I’m about to graduate and I started out best in my department. My results then became stagnant for four semesters but other people went up. I went through every possible emotion and medical issues struggling with pursuing ICAN and increasing my result to get back to the top. I almost gave up, I was almost depressed but I kept praying as every disappointment hit me. Lo and behold, in my final semester I had a 5.0 GP which pushed me back to the top and I passed my final ICAN exam making me one of the first set to graduate chartered. I didn’t even put as much effort but I know it was God. This is bottom pot Blessing. He waited to bring me up in His glory.

Moyosore Kuti

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