September 6, 2018 by 0

It is my turn to testify.

1. I opted out of school for a year now at the University of Dallas due to the paucity of and a former colleague in Nigeria whom I have never seen nor spoken with found me on facebook. He asked why I have been silent recently and sometimes I am not even on facebook. He missed my posts and all the rest. He asked for my phone number and I obliged. We spoke after the #HallelujahChallenge this evening and I explained my school situations to him. He said I should go back to school in the Fall semester starting Aug. My indebtedness is $6,300 and he opted to pay 50% of the school fees by Aug. if I am willing to return to the campus.

2. A facebook friend also noticed my silence and asked why I am not posting as usual again and explained I am having a lot of issues. I didn’t ask him anything neither did I explain my situations where finance is one of them but as God would have it, he asked for my account details. This morning when I woke from sleep, I got his message asking if I received the credit. A 100k.

This God is too good to me o. I am asking for the release of my Green card and Work Permits but God had other plans. This is just the preamble.

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