Examination Success

August 6, 2017 by 0

And God did it just like that. So I participated in the hallelujah challenge. during that period I was preparing for my part 3 MB professional exams in medical school and top of my list was exam success…..my test results were coming in and they were poor yet I held onto the hope olowogbogboro will come through in my exams.fast forward to august 4.The result list was pasted and behold my matric no was on the list of candidates that had passed. In a class where only 1/3rd passed at once. God included me I was stunned, to show the gravity of the miracle, I received a phone call from one of my lecturers congratulating me and telling me I just did the impossible. I passed both papers, no hitch, no resit. Now I can boldly say I’m a final year medical student. Dr in a bit.OLOWOGBOGBORO Did this!!!

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