Examination success after attempting 27 times

July 25, 2017 by 0

Olowogbogboro did it oo. Pastor Nat, indeed this God is too good. My father has been writing this exam, chartered accountants exams. Pastor, he writes it twice every year. It hasn’t been easy, for 27 years pastor 27 years. He got to his last part in 2012, he has been battling with it. My family was held in financial difficulties because of this exam. This year he went to write again, when he came back the response was the same as usual but SUDDENLY, JUST LIKE THAT, the results came in and he has passed all 3 papers in the final part. For 27 years, struggling God did it just like that. My brother started with this same exams and by Grace he has passed the 1st round. I am believing God for admission into the university this July/August, I know God Has Done it. I will be back to post my admission testimony soon. Help me thank God.

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