Failure is Not for His People

September 6, 2018 by 0

I’m excited & thankful that the Lord my God made away for me! Open Heavens poured favor & victory upon me that I may have success! I had an exam that I needed to pass in order to continue with the second half of my medical school studies. I took the exam 4 times & came close to passing, but always fell short. After the fourth attempt I was dismissed from school due to unsuccessful attempts. I could not figure out what was preventing me from passing. I was preparing for months and still came up short. However, with prayer & supplication my appeal was grant to be reinstated & to take the exam for a 5th attempt. My exam was scheduled for Nov 22, 2017! A couple of day later I saw that the open heavens hallelujah challenge will be taken place from nov 1-21! I knew I had to participate because the timeline fit too perfectly not to be ordained by God! I participated & God blessed me tremendously!!! I passed my fifth attempt much higher than I was expecting to! Thank you for your commitment & using your platform to be a blessing to others! May God continue to increase and use you for His Glory!!

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