Faithful God!!!!

September 14, 2018 by 0

Hello Pastor Nathaniel, I am the one who came back to say Thank You, Lord. During the last Hallelujah challenge, I made a list of requests I wanted God to do for me, every single prayer point on that list has come to pass.

I keyed into a particular testimony you shared on your timeline as our stories were very similar. I had been on this immigration path for a very long time and was very disappointed after the first trial, this almost cost me my marriage but God showed up for me and shut all my enemies up.
Fast forward to 2018, Olowogbogboro came through after I had one of the most brutal immigration interviews. My Green card was sent even after the immigration officer said they’ll need more documentation. This can only be God, only God could have done it! What seemed impossible for man became possible for God. My God of suddenly, My God of just like that, My Way Maker, Miracle Worker, My Strong Tower proved Himself in my situation.

I’d like for anyone reading my testimony today to keep holding on to God. He is always on time, even when things don’t go as we plan, He will never leave nor forsake us, He is our Father!!!!

Pastor Nathaniel, Thank you for all that you do, may God continue to give you the grace to keep on blessing others and bless you back a million folds, Amen.

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