Faithful Olowogbogboro

June 15, 2017 by 0

Good afternoon sir, indeed Olowogbogboro is working wonders. I joined first on the 10th day, even though I heard about it since 1st, the spirit of sleep wanted to hinder me from my testimonies. After that night of “Suddenly” I have beeen believing God for a job for my husband for four months now and low and behold, he called to inform me on Sunday afternoon that he got a mail to resume work this Monday, I told my mum about it and she joined that Sunday night day 11, only for her to go on Tuesday following her doctors appointment, the God of suddenly did it again. My mum has a medical history of high blood pressure since her dad’s death in 2001 which has never reduced to normal, as it’s always high between 200-160/90-80 the Goodnews is without taking drugs since Sunday as she lives everyday taking drugs, her BP for the first time in 16 years dropped to 122/74 and her sugar level dropped to 5.4 too since her medical history. I’m still in awe of the wonders of the hand of God. Please join us appreciate this ever faithful Olowogbogboro, and God bless you Pastor Nathaniel for obeying his call and pioneering this great move.

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