finaciancial breakthrough

September 6, 2018 by 0

good morning pst, i want to share how i have been following this hallelujah challenge since last year and i have been asking God to show me a sign that he has answered my request but i never saw but i know he was doing more than enough but i couldn’t see,so this years own i also joined and prayed to see signs too. i joined the first day but was sleeping and waking up but on the second day till today i have not been able to join at night so i decided to always follow up in the morning at the office after one testimony was shared by a brother who couldn’t join but prayed his in d morning,to cut my story short u said will should write down 14 things we want God to do which i did and after that my husband called me to complain that people that he did a job for some people and was suppose to be paid but they didn’t pay him and only one he was hoping on was also beginning to sound funny too so i told him not to lose faith but believe in God that things will turn around to my greatest surprise the next day he called to tell me that the person has paid him. i want to use this medium to thank God for all his been doing for me and my family and to also pray for you that God should always bless you and your family.Amen

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