Final Assessment Approved

June 15, 2017 by 0

Bros, I have decided not to be ungrateful about what God did for me o. I joined this challenge last week but I haven’t been able to keep up due to the time difference. I had my final practical presentation on Tuesday. This presentation is the last of 3 presentations and it is actually the most important one as the outcome of the other two doesn’t count if I failed it. Everything actually went wrong that day because the most important thing I am being tested for I didn’t do right. My assessor kept asking me if there was something I’ll love to change but I just couldn’t think straight. Anyways after I had left I remembered what I missed and I was so down. I was already thinking about how I’ll have to get another money for the assessment. But then I remembered that God’s hands are not short and it can change my recommendations. I made a vow that if I was successful I’ll testify. I was on my mail all through the day since Tuesday and I haven’t got any mail saying I need to go for another reassessment which is a sign that I have been approved as competent. Praise God!

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