financial breakthrough

September 6, 2018 by 0

Singing(of yes he answers prayers,or yes he answers prayers,the God I serve answers prayers,only jesus answers prayers)pastor I want to thank God almighty,jehova overdo has done it for me again and saved me from shame,been having accommodation problem,it even affected my job,that I had to leave the place I work and return to my mom’s house,been here now for almost 3weeks without going to work,I joined this hallelujah challenge with so much expectations in my heart and God has done 2 of them,the money I have been expecting to pay for a house,I jus woke up this morning and still prayed and asked God to show himself…and 30mints later I got an alert,now I can pay for my house and go back to work and complete the project God has put in my hands,I want to return all praise to him…may God almighty reward you for this good and excellent work…Amen

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