Financial Debt Paid

June 15, 2017 by 0

Good evening sir. I am back again oooo. This God is just too good eh! That’s how this morning hallelujah challenge you said you give us two minutes to write down or tell God what we want and we shouldn’t ask for shoes and bags and clothes but ask for something money cannot buy so I asked for a lot of things and I prayed and I wept. And as we were praising God the Holy Spirit told me just praise me don’t ask me for anything again, I just need your praise and that was all I did after praise God all through and ko and behold this afternoon I got a message from one of my debtors that I sold something to that she just sent me my money and pastor I had 0.00 Naira in my account the day before and my sister called me too that she will pay me the money she is owing me this evening too . My miracles already started since day 2 of this challenge, this is just the continuation of my plenty miracles to come. God bless you, sir .

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