Financial Provision

June 15, 2017 by 0

Before now, I had a job I had recommended to someone which was meant to be an inflow (financially)and all was not going well and as planned. I was pissed and just let everything go. I joined the challenge On the 11th day which one of the things I had asked God to do for me was to give me a financial breakthrough of which I had no idea of where it was going to come from. The friend had reached out to me, but I was just too angry to respond. I praised and danced around my request Sat and Sun. On Monday, I decided to respond. I slept and woke up by 11pm to prepare for the Praise session just to check my phone and see a request asking that I send my account details. I paused for a while and sent it. To cut the long story short, today I got a 6 figure alert. JUST LIKE THAT!!!

Secondly, Monday night, I praised God and danced around my request to God. Afterwards, I slept and then I had a dream. In my family, for over 20 years now, we have been tormented by some household enemies. While I slept I had a dream where one of them tried to touch my mum and then a hand came and cut the person off and immediately the enemy turned to a fried full chicken with no neck. In that dream, I asked ‘is this not a human being that just turned to this?’ And for the first time it was so clear to me and I work up with the song ‘Aka Jehovah’. I believe the ‘OLOWOGBOGBORO’ has done what only he alone can do.

I want to return all the Glory to God for what he has done and the victory he has given me in just a few days. I will yet praise him more for his hand. Now I can settle my debt and so many outstandings I had. Indeed God is a faithful God.

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