Financial Provision

June 15, 2017 by 0

I know this might be small compared to all the testimonies we have been getting but it is huge for me cos i believe it has to be Olowogbogboros doing..

My electricity bill has not been paid for some weeks now and just this morning my landlady sent me a notice saying if we dont pay she will be forced to cut off our light.. I was so sad this morning but i decided to praise God about it and i did and just like the devil knew i was praising God and needed to be stopped before God showed up…My security guard knocked on the door with another reminder but before he was done talking,my neighbour who i have never discussed anything with as i have never defaulted in my payments and all we say are regular greetings, ran to us and brought out his wallet and said he will pay for me and i should pay him back anytime i have it..all i could do is say “Haaaa” cos i knew God must have pushed him to do so…I asked God for miracles that will make me and people who are around me say “HAAAAA” and guess what my God has started…I am coming back with more “HAAAA” testimonies IJN

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