Financial Provision

June 15, 2017 by 0

Good evening sir. God bless you for this. My mum cooks for a school and she has been looking for funds to buy things to start her new session but all to no avail and this made the sickness she had to increase cause she was always thinking and it led to a heart issue. So she went to the hospital and the doctor told her to run some test and the money was just too much so she came back home and wasn’t happy so she started calling her family to help her with what they had but no one seemed forthcoming so she just removed her mind away from it a little and started thinking of how to raise funds to start . On the 9th day of the hallelujah challenge, we worshipped God and you said we will wake up to great news we said amen. On that day in the afternoon, my mum rushed into my room and said I think someone just mistakenly paid money into my account and I was how? So I checked and it was true and she said I should sharply transfer the money to my Account incase the bank calls to say it was an error lol and I did and we laughed about it . We waited for the bank to call for two days but they did not. And suddenly my uncle called and said did you get the money I sent to you? And I’m like ?. This same uncle my mum asked said he didn’t have and since then she has just been getting one alert or the other, people that have been owing her just started paying up just like that and I know before the hallelujah challenge is over I will be back to testify about her health in Jesus name. Amen. God bless you sir for being a tool God used in putting a smile on our face.

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