Following the Prophetic – August 26, 2021 Day 13

October 16, 2022 by admin0

Good morning Sir,
on the 13th day, August 26 2021 during the hallelujah challenge you asked us to write in the prophetic in our journals ‘ What no man can do, you have done for me, Jesus you are so good, you are good and your mercy endures forever’ and then you asked us to life the book up and declare that we have written it in God’s presence and may this be a memorial in days to come, I will look back and see that indeed you are good.
My first son clocked 5 that August and I had been trying since to take in but to no avail. September came and I was pregnant after trying for years. Imagine how I cried with joy in Feb hallelujah challenge dancing with a real baby bump. Today I am holding my bouncing baby boy and we will dance together come this hallelujah challenge Today I hold my son in memorial that indeed, Jesus is good to me.

Do you know the shocking thing? When I put the date of the halleluyah challenge ( August 26) as the day of inception in my pregnancy due date calculator, it gave me a due date, pastor, when I went for the first scan the due date given to me was the same due date as the date of inception from the halleluyah challenge.!
I want to encourage everyone not to give up, I remember when the challenge started, the devil kept trying to stop me from joining by asking, how many hallelujah challenges have you joined? Did you get your request? Why are you loosing sleep but I would always reply, even if I get nothing, I will praise my God because having God is everything.

May God bless you, your family and the team.


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