Free from shame and embarrassment

August 17, 2017 by 0

I want to thank God for opening the doors of a financial breakthrough for me to clear all debts owed. Last week I got contacted by a foreign firm that wants me to represent them in Nigeria for some operations in Nigeria and other African Nations. This is a huge breakthrough for me as this was my no.1 prayer point during the Hallelujah challenge. I had earlier testified here of God’s open doors thru a benefactor for financial provision a God prospered that expectation. I have other financial expectations expected and I know that as our Jehova Jireh has started the open doors, they’ll not close until every debt is cleared and the financial wisdom required for my life’s journey is fully given. I bless God for removing shame and embarrassment for from me. Let’s hold on, God will always deliver on our expectations as w continue to trust Him.

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