Fruit of the Womb

June 14, 2017 by 0

E ba mi ki ra fun Olowogbogboro oooooo #halleluyahhhhhh…..hmm where do I start from as I am super amazed at how this God works oooo. I joined the halleluyahhhh challenge on day 11 and that same day I went to Walmart and a spirit told me get a pregnancy test strip and I got it. Lo and behold this morning I did the test and it was positive??..and it’s just the 30th day of my cycle o,have not even missed my period yet cos my cycle fluntuates between 30-32 days…tears of joy rolled down my eyes,I bow before you Lord! Olowogbogboro tun ti se o…pls pray for safe nine months pregnancy and delivery?

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