Fruit of the womb

September 23, 2022 by admin0

I have so many reasons to thank the Lord for indeed He has been a Good Father.
I joined the August 2021 hallelujah challenge and at the time I was believing God majorly for conception.
I had listened & read many similar testimonies on this platform and also on Instagram .
I chose to believe that my case would not be different.
I joined the prayers as best as I could.
I also spent time praying in my quiet time , replaying the hallelujah challenge meetings especially the day 6 where we sang the song “Adonai”.
I would start my day reading all those conception testimonies online and that built my faith and helped keep negative thoughts at bay.
On the final day of the challenge , Pastor Nat spoke that in the next 9 months we will carry our babies. I keyed into this and believed God.
Lo & behold shortly after I became pregnant. I thank God for seeing me through pregnancy and delivery and keeping my baby & I.
I had to return to testify because I know what listening and reading the testimonies of others did for me!
I really hope this encourages someone. God is a really good Father , please keep trusting in Him.


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