Baby movement

February 4, 2020 by 0

####Good morning Pastor Nat! May your anointing never run dry in Jesus name, Amen ? One of my prayer request has been to be blessed with the fruit of the womb, God has answered that prayer and I am 2 days past my due date. I noticed on Sunday I didn’t feel my babies movement, today Monday same thing so I called my midwife and she advised I take juice or eat something and lay on my side with my hand on my tummy for 2 hours and if I don’t feel at least 6 movements in 2 hours, I should call back and head straight to the hospital. I didn’t feel the movements and didn’t bother calling the midwife back or rushing to the hospital. I called my husband who is at work and told him I didn’t feel the movements but won’t panic, I told him i would just do my regular walks and then come back to partake in hallelujah challenge as it was 4.30pm my time then, 30mins to Halleluyah challenge and if after Halleluyah challenge no movement, will wait for him to return from work and then we go to the hospital.

The heavens heard me, Pastor Nat, I danced and prayed. After the shout of Jesus, just about 5 minutes to the end of the challenge, my baby moved 7 times in 1 minute. May God’s name be praised. I will be back with my testimony of supernatural childbirth this week by God’s grace. Thank you, Jesus, I cannot call on your name and end up in shame. Please share to encourage someone.####

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