Pregnancy Sustained

September 27, 2017 by 0

This God is too good oo… Pastor pls post my testimony for all to see. During the hallelujah challenge, u asked those believing God for the fruit of the womb to dance with their babies in their arms, which i did..i danced with so much with joy n happiness and kept on praising God. After the hallelujah challenge ended i still kept on believing God for my testimony, and God did it the following month just like that. I ran a test n discovered i was pregnant.
Barely 2months into it i started seeing blood, this got me really scared n worried cos this was wot happened earlier this year that led to me having a miscarriage. So I called my doctor n complained n she asked me to go for the scan, I kept on praying n went for the scan, wen the result came out it showed there was progress but my baby’s heartbeat hasn’t been seen and I should come for another scan in 4weeks time. Showed my doc the report n she said i would have to take a particular injection once in a week so as not to lose my baby again, i felt sad but kept my faith alive. After taking 2 of the injection i still ended up seeing blood again, this time around i braced myself up n said to myself don’t u believe in God,give it all to him n let him take charge. And that was it, i dint go for the injections anymore n kept praying.
Went for the scan today cos it’s 4weeks already n to the Glory of God my baby is doing well n fine..the olowogbogboro himself perfected it.

And i am believing He that brought me this far will see me thru til 9mnths n I will deliver safely. (AMEN)

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