Funds Granted

June 14, 2017 by 0

Good afternoon Pastor!

All the way from Wales UK. My husband and I applied for a fund to see if we were entitled as we’ve been having a lot of financial challenges (more than usual).

We got a letter on Monday saying that we didn’t qualify for the fund. Last night as we were praising, (jumping from Instagram to Facebook because of the network), we just kept praying in tongues as we have so many things we want God to do for us. I scrolled through your timeline and read all testimonies. I said I want a testimony today. I kept checking my emails may be a job that I applied for or some sort of good news will come my way.

For some reason, I then decided to check my bank account, behold the people who refused us for a fund have paid to my account. I didn’t understand it at first, I quickly messaged my husband and sent him a screenshot of what I saw he couldn’t believe it; as we were chatting, I said “why don’t you check your account too you never know, olowogbogboro might have done something”; those where my exact words. Lo and behold he was also credited. So today we received over £3000 that we didn’t qualify for. I give glory to the almighty God, we are still in shock our God is good! Thank you, pastor, for yielding to God’s voice by doing this hallelujah challenge. Let somebody shout hallelujah!!

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