God changed my level and gave me triple promotion

September 17, 2018 by 0
Brother Nathaniel this is my testimony from the last hallelujah challenge.
In Nov. 2016, I lost my job after 4 years of working in an oil and gas company under a boss who used every opportunity to tell me I was not good enough. For four years, I was verbally abused with curse and swear words and even when other managers commended my work, she spared no words to bring me down and constantly compared my work product to the level of thinking of her driver. I was so depressed and frustrated and would lock myself in the toilet and cry while praying to God to help me. It seemed like the better I got at my job, the more scornful she became as I was training myself and improving but my career wasn’t growing.
In October 2016, I made a request for a double promotion based on my performance for the year, my high apparaisal score by my other manager and my stagnation in that company but to my surprise, in Nov. I was informed that my appointment had been terminated on account of complaints from my boss to the owner of the company. Just like that – no questions asked. All benefits due to me were withdrawn (E.g company car etc.). A couple of weeks later, I bought what I hoped was a one way ticket out of Nigeria to seek opportunities but after 2 months, I returned.
The week I returned, I remembered a friend sent me a job site which I decided to look at. I saw and applied for a job in an international organisation based in New York that required an MBA, 7 years experience in Development and an oil and gas background. I only had a BSc and had never worked in Development in my life but I told my friend – this is my job. When the hallelujah challenge started in June, I had already attended 3 interviews with that organisation. I keyed in at 12 midnight and called on my God praising continuously for my job. Sometimes I would fall asleep and wake up at 3am but would still do the challenge via Facebook.
Exactly two weeks after the hallelujah challenge, they called me and offered me the position with a pay more than 3 times what the oil and gas company was paying me and in foreign currency with other benefits I had only heard are usually reserved for top executives in some organisations. It didn’t end there they said they don’t usually relocate people because of their policy but in my case they made an exception and relocated me with a relocation allowance that was wow. Not long after that God blessed me with a new car. My new boss is also a gift from God. My mouth is not enough to say thank you Jesus. I have come back to return all the glory to my King of Kings. I can’t stop singing, dancing, praising God. He is an awesome God who will never put His children to shame.

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