God delayed me not to travel to Ibadan

September 6, 2018 by 0

Though I didn’t take part in the maiden edition of HC, but I am glad I started with the “praised filled global congregation” this year. I have it in mind that I will not miss a day, when Nathan asked us to write 14pray points, I told myself, not missing out a day is my number 1. But later this morning I plan to travel to Ibadan from Lagos, two times I packed my laptop bag in office and dropped it. At the 2nd time, I slept off, only to wake up by around 4pm. So, I lost mind in going to Ibadan. Only for me to get home and heard of the tanker explosion along Lagos/Ibadan road. God saved my life. Though I am bitter about the lost soul, but hallelujah Challenge gave me Avenue to be saved. Hallelujah!!!

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