Permit to stay in UK granted

February 5, 2019 by 0

I was thinking aloud some weeks ago to myself like when is hallelujah challenge taking place again… Am a big testimony to the last hallelujah challenge,, at times I will sleep off while on it because I start work as early as 4:00 am and we were 1hr ahead of Nigeria time… After I closed from work I will have to watch again and connect my faith… I and my friends never for once missed a day, I prayed fervently on a particular testimony to take place in my life and behold I held the testimony in my hands last year and it’s forever permanent….. I was praying for my permit of stay, I have been in overseas for 10yrs without a permit of stay… I did everything necessary to have it, spend a lots of money yet no way but sir you held a particular prayer point the last hallelujah challenge I so connect my faith and I said to myself SUZAN this 2018 am getting my permit of stay… Behold sir 10 of July was my birthday after I thank God for the¬†gift of life I just only ask for my permit of stay as a birthday gift….. Hmmmmm 12 of July my lawyer called that I have been issued my permit of stay…… Hallelujah what a mighty GOD I serve…… Thank you, sir, and may d good LORD richly bless you and your household Amen


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