God Done It For Me

September 4, 2018 by 0

At the start of the Hallelujah challenge for 2018, I had been praying about a situation that a family member had been going through, it was point No.1 on my prayer list that you asked us to write. On Day 5 I felt a bit low about the situation but read Psalm 91 and decided that God is in full control of the situation, I spent the morning and afternoon listening to my Hallelujah Challenge playlist and praising God. That evening I received a call from an old boss offering me some freelance work for a big project that could eventually lead to bigger exposure for me and my business, he even said to me name my price, no price is too big or small. I was in shock.

I came off the phone and thanking God and used it as a reminder that if God can bless me with opportunities I didn’t ask for then I believe he is going to intervene in that situation. Lo and behold, My WAY MAKER AND MIRACLE WORKER didn’t take long to answer my prayer, on day 9 I discovered that my prayer request point No.1 had been answered on day 8. I was standing in the gap on behalf of a family member & God done it! Something that could have had a devastating effort on the family, he turned it around for his glory. Hallelujah!!

I’m excited for what God has done and is about to do and I thank him in advance.

Thank you Sir for being obedient and faithful to God. May God continue to bless you in all you set out to do.

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