God helped me overcome my stagnation!

September 10, 2018 by 0

I had joined in the 2017 Olowogboboro challenge not expecting anything but just to renew my spiritual life through dedicated praise and worship. I was expectant but didn’t know just how much God was going to come through! I had been in a dead end job for 6 years and a 6-year, dead end relationship that I had finally ended. I had tried for so long to change my circumstances – applying to almost any job, going for so many interviews, even trying to start a business to give myself a job! They all never came through. It really did feel like I had hit a wall and there were unseen forces doing me. I put it all before God on the alter of praise and decided that no matter what, HE more than deserved my heart felt praise.
But won’t he do it?? Before the summer had ended, I had two very serious job offers from two companies that decided they needed me in their team; one assignment was abroad. I had also entered a new, healthier and committed relationship that had exposed me to many good things I hadn’t experienced before in any relationship. I am sharing this to testify of HIS goodness in my life. When I had given up on ever getting out of a situation, GOD showed me HE wasn’t done with me. Glory be to HIS name!

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