God indeed raised a helper in my time of need

September 6, 2018 by 0

Hallo Sir,

I’d like to share my testimony from this current Hallelujah Challenge(June/July 2018).It may seem a small matter in our mortal eyes but I believe nothing the Lord does should be overlooked.

Today(05/07/18) morning as I walked my son to school,I hit my foot against an uneven pavement slab and the strap of my sandal snapped making it impossible to walk properly yet I needed to get my young son to school on time.As I stood there wondering how to go about it,One lady who had just dropped her own sons at school,one whom I had never spoken to not even a word of hello before,stopped and said hello for the very first time ever and asked if all was ok.

As soon as I told her that my sandal strap had snapped,she did not even blink or stutter,she kicked off her sandals and told me to have them so as to get going with no further delay.Can you believe if I told you that the lady walked home bare foot.My God!!!!I was shocked Pastor!I was so surprised that in this day and time there are still Very kind hearted people walking around who don’t think twice before lending a helping hand.And to make it even more surprising,the lady and I are the exact same shoe size,how DELIBERATE is our God??????Pastor,you keep saying it over and over,that our God is very deliberate,now see He’s hand!!

I clearly recall you saying in yesterday’s challenge that if we learn to love others/pray for them and not just for ourselves,the Holy Spirit would always intercede in our own matters/troubles before God!!!!!He raised a helper for me out of a complete stranger Just Like That.Pastor please help me praise and Glorify our Way Maker!He is the Real Deal!!!

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