God is Great

October 25, 2022 by 0

Put Nath, God has blessed me handsomely. I joined the Hallelujah challenge of February 2022, I have been out of job for some years and I asked God to reinstall me, God did more than I imagined and gave me more than enough which was the theme of the challenge in February. Secondly my 7 year old had been diagnosed to be autistic,he had not started talking and had severe learning disabilities, On Day 3 you mentioned (Ndidi) the Case of a woman and her Son. I Claimed it because my son’s name is Nnadozie, Pastor Nath o, The next Day his therapist sent me videos of him doing wonders in school and then today, My husband said he randomly heard my Son spelling his brothers name. I am sharing this testimony because I believe its permanent. The Grace of God is with this challenge.

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