God is indeed good and merciful!!!

September 18, 2018 by 0

Good morning sir. This God is merciful. I made a decision that I must partake in the hallelujah challenge. On Day 3, I decided to sleep a little before the set time.  I saw myself in a trance fighting some people that wanted to take me, telling me that I would not participate in the challenge. I told them it’s not possible, that I must surely partake, I saw a woman trying to suffocate me with the mosquito net that covered my bed, I was struggling to free myself but I can’t. So, I woke up suddenly and prayed about it.

I joined the hallelujah challenge, and you said that we are not going to ask God for anything but to thank him for everything. Then you said that God is ministering a word in your heart about death, that we should thank God for slaying the hand of death over our lives. I prayed that prayer point fervently. After praying and thanking God, the fear of death left me and also the spirit of death left me.
Thank you Almighty Father. Sir, God will continue to endow you and your family with more of Him, more of His presence in JESUS CHRIST NAME, AMEN.
Remain blessed sir.
From Sis. Jennifer

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