God made the impossible POSSIBLE

September 6, 2018 by 0

Greetings Pastor Nath,

To be brief, I joined the Hallelujah challenge and put down my 30 request as advised. Some of the request I added just to complete the total of 30 but deep in my heart, I was wondering in my heart how possible would this be for me in a country like the USA where one needs so much money to get things done where a lot of bills are involved on a monthly basis.

Lo and behold, in November of 2017, God expanded my livingroom salon to a shop where people walkin and call in for appointments .

As if that was not enough, God gave me a massive explosive christmas gift, my asylum was granted in December of 2017.

Olowogbogboro Almighty God has done what I never expected and I believe the remaining 28 are coming to manifestation SOONEST in Jesus name, Amen

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