God my defender, my healer, my everything

September 20, 2018 by 0

I want to bless God for His hand of protection over my life.
On Sunday after the hallelujah challenge I fell asleep and in my dream someone was trying to inflict me with a kind of poison in my legs, the person held rats and was squeezing some kind of fluid from the rats on my feet,  I was struggling to run away and rebuke the person, I successfully ran into safe room where I woke up and prayed against the dream. The next morning I woke up with terrible pain on my right foot and slightly on my left foot,  I started massaging with my anointing oil…it grew worse (the pain)…it didn’t stop me from attending the grand finale at VI. I danced with the pain, after the service I waited until 6am before leaving and it got so bad I couldn’t walk well, I was limping and in great pain… I still praised when I got home, with joy that His name is a strong tower…i just want to bless God because right now I don’t feel any pain and I can walk very well… Pls post my testimony, God is so amazing…

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