God of Protocol

June 4, 2017 by 0

Good Morning sir, I saw the testimony of someone who failed a course and I had to share mine. I joined the hallelujah challenge on the 8th day and that day was a very bad day. I am a medical student and I failed three major courses last semester which means REPEAT, I couldn’t handle the thought of repeating so I prayed to God for favor and went to the deans office to beg, she accepted and said she was only trying me for first section and that if I fail one course that I would repeat. On the 8th of June I took a paper which didn’t turn out so well, she sent me an email telling me that I had to repeat, I begged her but she didn’t agree, I asked her to see my other grades first after everything she said I should go and write them but she isn’t guaranteeing anything that it’s the schools policy. I went home cried to my mum, my mum told me not to worry that “THE GOD OF PROTOCOL WILL BREAK PROTOCOL FOR ME” I was so happy after hearing that, I opened my instagram and the first thing I saw was a picture that had “olowogbogboro ” I joined the praise section that night, the next day I went to take an exam. After the Exam I went to the deans office and asked her if I should go ahead and prepare for the exams of the current class at first she said no, then I asked the second time then it looked like she was shaking her head to say no , then she said go ahead and prepare for the exams( both the once I failed and the one of the class I am currently in) and to the Glory of God I passed the courses so I am not repeating. OLOWOGBOGBORO DID IT AGAIN. #suddenly#justlikethat#


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