God the way Maker and strong Tower. (Testimony)

September 19, 2018 by 0

Hallelujah I believe and I am convinced that we serve a Way Maker, a GOD who is indeed a Strong Tower. I have followed up the hallelujah challenge in faith and believing God totally.

Last month I applied to be enrolled for a fashion course not knowing where the tuition would come from because I had no money but I trusted God. This month after I had lost hope that I wasn’t granted admission, not only did my admission come through but God also provided funds for my tuition. Hallelujah.
2 out of 14 things I wrote down in the request of things I want God to do for me during the 14 days hallelujah challenge has already been done and I thank the way Maker for that.
May God continually bless you and your team sir for creating this avenue for souls to be saved and blessed.
Hallelujah! God is indeed a strong tower and a way Maker. I held unto this words and it works. I know God shall continue to do greater things in my life.

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