Hallelujah!!! Pastor Nat it’s obvious God confirms his word with signs and wonders, during the hallelujah challenge on the 5th you mentioned that we were going to experience influx of good news and I received this declaration by faith and then you said we should continually thank God which I have been doing consistently.

so here is my testimony, I applied for a masters programme in one of the schools in the UK, and this particular school is quite close to me, but the school has an history of not giving admission just like that…. infact a family member of ours which I and my husband applied for was refused admission just last year, a friend of mine was also refused admission just about a day after she applied, but I told my self my case is different, because I wanted this school badly as I would be able to work, mind my kids and attend lectures with ease. I submitted my application sometimes in May this year and I have been waiting for a response ever since then, so I was given a conditional offer in June but to get an unconditional offer you have to meet a criteria by doing an exam called IELTS with a score of 6.5 or 7 point, else the admission will be withdrawn, I have heard people do this exam like 4 to 5 times and still fail, but the way maker showed up for me, the school gave me an option of a skype interview with their English department rather than do IELTS because I had A1 in English (Neco result) so the IELTS exam was waved for me, hmmmm #waymaker.

I did the skype interview of listening and speaking on the 29th of June and by 5th of July the night you prophesied that we will receive good news….. I checked my mail around 12 noon this was 11 hours after the hallelujah challenge, the school sent my result to my email, it was a mind blowing distinction sir, for both listening and reading, about 3pm on same day, 5th July I got my unconditional offer letter and I was shocked, because I wasn’t expecting it that same day, at least not until I had completed a reading and writing session with the school, I had applied for this admission with a colleague in my current place of work and he told me after the speaking and listening he was invited to the school for reading and writing test again, before he got his unconditional offer, this I didn’t have to do, #waymaker

When I read my offer letter the school had deducted 1500 pounds from my fees due to the result of my skype interview and my NECO result, I later got to know it’s when they are not satisfied with the skype interview that’s when you get invited for the reading and writing. I give God praise for this means so much to me. It’s not every applicant that gets a 1500 pounds waiver of fees but I got one……. The way maker showed up for me in a miraculous way. Praise the Lord!!!

Secondly I had applied for a job before the start of the hallelujah challenge so I was called up for an interview on the 4th of July, sincerely I was at peace through out the course of the interview and I told the panel that I can only do night shifts due to child care, everyone around me including the person that referred me for the job told me it might not work, as the company usually prefer to employ flexible staff who can do day n night shifts, but I went in for the interview by faith and tabled my matter to the panel and left the rest to God. Pastor on the 6th of July just yesterday I got an email saying my interview was successful and nights was boldly written in the email, as that was what I wanted, I was the only one who has been given the opportunity to do night shifts only, I was told to contact the manager of the company to arrange my start date and discuss the number of hours I can cover.

In a space of 2 days, I had received so much good news, pastor may God continually use you for his glory and enlarge your territory in Jesus name. Olowogbogboro is really working things around for my good…..God be praised !!!

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