Great Deliverer

June 15, 2017 by 0

God bless you and bless your ministry, Sir.
I want to start by apologizing to Otiri Pharoah mmanwu for hoarding this testimony since Sunday. Few hours after the breakfast with Olowogbogboro I went to bed to catch some sleep before waking up to prep for 7a.m service. It seemed like a trans/dream, I felt the presence of someone in my room just behind me standing by my bed but I was weak to my bones I couldn’t even open my eyes but a voice persuaded me twice to look back and know who it was so I reluctantly turned behold it was a man (in my elder brother’s face)looking at me with a frowned face saying “You! I have been calling you and you don’t want to answer me ” immediately I angrily unleashed the fire of the Holyghost upon him and rebuked him and all he represented steadily until I couldn’t see him any more. Olowogbogboro is indeed the great Deliverer. I know this testimony isn’t complete yet but to praise God I had to share. cos, when we praise God for what He has done He would do even more. Hallelujah???? #Olowogbogboro

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