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Dear Pastor Nath,

So since childhood, I never technically outgrew bedwetting as expected for normal children. However, it wasn’t a daily occurrence. I usually bedwet once or twice in a month but mostly once and it would usually be preceded by me actually urinating in a toilet in a dream and then I would wake up and find myself wet.  At some points I started taking physical measures like not taking tea or water at night.
And then I started mental training too such that once I sight a toilet in my dream, my instinct tells me it’s a trap and I quickly jump up from the bed but that didn’t work effectively as the devil wasn’t joking at all.
The devil upgraded the dream and the toilet I would find myself in would either be my own toilet in my own house or my parents house or my loved ones’ houses so it became irresistible cos the environment was always familiar and it would look really real.
So last year June, after the halleluyah challenge. In fact a night to the halleluyah festival , another episode of bedwetting occured and at that point, I was done finally. I attended the festival with so much annoyance.I nfact if I saw the devil physically I was ready to strangulate him for playing tricks on my mind.
I wrote this down as part of my halleluyah prayer requests and I wept that night and asked God to take this reproach away. I was planning to get married and the thought of bedwetting in my husband’s house scared me even though it was an occasional occurrence.
To cut the story short. It’s been one year and I have never had any episode of bedwetting or strange dream since then. I give God all the glory. Only HIM could have done this. Halleluyah.
God bless you, Sir.

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