Hallelujah Challenge – Our God the Way Maker

August 28, 2018 by 0

I would like to start by thanking you brother Nathaniel for the awesome work you are doing, may our Almighty God continue blessing you and your family. I say this with a heart filled with gratitude and praise to God because I have no other God but him. This was my first hallelujah challenge but the blessings have just been pouring in mylife everyday. When we started the challenge my partner and I (father of my kids aka husband to be – praying immensely for that breakthrough ?) had separated I had no money I didn’t know where to start but throughout the challenge we kept on calling on the Way Maker, the Room Maker, our Strong Tower and you know what God is good 6 out of 14 challenges have been ticked . Am a princess and an heir in his kingdom Brother Nathaniel daddy bought us a brand new vehicle, paid off the kids school fees, changed the whole apartment from arguments to favor, a lady I have been praying for over the spirit of rectum cancer just told my sister she has been released from the hospital and she is better (still trusting God for total healing), I prayed for spiritual growth my life seems meaningless without prayer now. Please help me thank God I can’t mention everything it’s not even the end of July but the blessings keep pouring everyday oo. Our Glorius God , Wonderful God, Miracle Worker and King of Kings he is faithful and I will keep on blessing him. Sorry for the long testimony I just couldn’t keep this to myself I shall not be greedy God has been Awesome?.

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