Hallelujah challenge testimony

September 20, 2018 by 0

Good morning pastor Nathaniel,  I just want to thank God for his Grace and mercy in my life, I joined the hallelujah challenge this year and even thou I wasn’t consistent he was consistent in his blessings. I was coming back from work one Thursday evening carrying my bag and my laptop bag and I was  already tired and I wanted to ease my self, I got into the bus and sat down putting my bag and laptop bag on my leg and since I didn’t want to sleep off I started reading a book on my phone, not too long I started feeling more uncomfortable thinking it was my bag I ignored it but the holy spirit keep telling me to check it when I did. Lo and behold the man sitting beside me put his hand close to my private part and I was like Oga what’s going on, he pretended as if I I wasn’t talking to him so I raised an alarm inside the bus, heaven knows on a normal day I would be embarrassed but I wasn’t and the men in the bus took to him to a police station but I prayed and covered myself with the blood of Jesus and told God that the battle is in his hands because I don’t know if he was a ritualist or just a pevert but I thank God for delivering me  some days later after the hallelujah challenge ended I had a dream in which I was chased by cows but by Gods grace in the dream he provided a get away car for me and I was safe. I want to thank God for he has been faithful and he is still faithful.

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