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One of my special requests to OBA OLOWOGBOGBORO is to make me an olowogbogboro in the place of evangelism. I’m passionate about souls but I hardly create time for that exercise. Yesterday, my boss gave everyone day off at work, and as usual, I was overwhelmed with everywhere I needed to go, everyone I needed to see and everything I needed to get done. When I woke up, I decided to resume my daily exercise and while exercising, the Holy Spirit was ministering to me with two scenarios: the Open Heavens Devotional of Tuesday 13th of June that talked about SOUL-WINNING AND SIGNS 1Corinthians 9:16 & the #HallelujahChallenge of the same night that ended with a burden for salvation of men.

Suddenly, God gave me a soul-winning challenge of 30 SOULS!!! I laughed within me and jokingly sang JESU, 30 SOULS FOR YOUR ACCOUNT OOO. But then, I took the challenge and thought of starting a movement called #GbaJesu. I had my bath, dressed very handsomely and went about the King’s business. After praising and praying to God, I set out by 12pm and by 6:03pm, 30 young souls have #GbaJesu within Surulere axis. It rained heavily but I kept on, he sustained and strengthened me.

However, when I got back home, I wanted to quickly do some work on my company’s laptop and shockingly, the screen was broken. No one could explain what happened. I knew that will be repaired on my account because it happened on a day off work. I summoned courage and told my boss, and told him I’ll bear the cost which may be all my meagre salary. He said I should bring the system today. As I got to work, he asked me what really happened and I told him the truth. Then HE SAID HE’LL FIX IT!!! WOW!
It was an amazing experience and a wonderful way of spending the miraculous day off work. I give Him all the glory and pray for more olowogbogboro grace to win my generation for him.
JESUS!!! 30 SOULS FOR YOUR ACCOUNT OOO ????? Angeli-to’n-pinreā„¢ omo #BabaGod

#Olowogbogboro #HallelujahChallenge #oniseiyanu
#justlikethat #SoulWinning


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