He delivered us from a troublesome tenant

July 23, 2017 by 0

Miracles on miracles! My God is a good God! I have written so many testimonies here and I know God will keep giving me and my loved ones more testimonies to testify about in Jesus name! A TROUBLESOME tenant who has refused to pay his previous year’s rent talkless of the current year, would fight and worry other tenants, talk anyhow to my dad and brother, and just had general disregard for everyone – we’ve been battling him for over a year to leave and not even pay the backlog, to just go – we prayed during the challenge, towards the end over his matter and asked God to make him go – He has finally packed out this weekend! My God is a good God! Even though he’s owing a million, I know God almighty will bless my dad with more than that amount – help me thank the Alagbara giga, who shows himself strong always!

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