He got a huge paying job offer

August 7, 2017 by 0

I gave my second testimony this morning. And I’m here to give the third one. Although this testimony doesn’t directly involve me.

A friend recently relocated to another country and he has found it really hard to get a job. He would call and complain and I kept encouraging him to keep applying and going for interviews. I told him about the Hallelujah challenge and asked him to join and tune in, but he said that he had already started the hallelujah challenge.
I gave him tips on how to ensure that his prayers are answered.
I told him to avoid all negative thoughts and discussions. That even when asked, he should say that his working. That he should give no room to the devil by getting people to feel sorry for him.
Sometimes he would try to give up, but I kept encouraging him. And prayed that he gets a good job fast.

And just yesterday, he called me to give me the good news.
Said he got an offer letter for a job which pays 5 times his former salary.
I’m here to give God all the praise.
He is too faithful to fail!

And I know that my testimony regarding what I’m praying for presently would be manifested and shared this week in Jesus Name, Amen!

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