He made the impossible possible

February 9, 2019 by 0

###Dear Pastor Nathaniel,

Our God who specialises in the impossibility stepped into my case???. My husband and I, set up a business in August 2018 and invested all we had and more, having heard from God. 5months in, we started struggling as nobody was buying from us. Our finances took a hit as only one of us was working whilst the other attended to the business and this led to rent arrears.

Fast forward January 2019, we were told to move out of the business premises if by the end of January the rent arrears were not paid. This news broke my heart as we have invested all we had into the business, nobody came to buy from us for months and help was not coming from anywhere. Despite us questioning God, He bought us time.

I came across the Hallelujah Challenge on 5th February (day 2), my faith was renewed and I believed that every impossible situation was going to be made possible by God. More especially my mindset changed and I stopped feeling like a victim and was reassured that God was roaring in my life and our business.

Pastor ???, God came through!!!!!. On 7th February which was the last day to have made the payment or close the business, two customers came and made a purchase worth £21,000 which enabled us to complete the payment for the outstanding rent arrears. Hallelujah!!!!!! ?????? God indeed makes impossibility possible and he is not done with us yet. Pastor, thank you for all that you do and I pray that God Almighty will continue to strengthen, bless, keep you and your family. You will experience greater and mind-blowing miracles as you continue to bless others. Thank you.

Ps: I am happy for my testimony to be shared. Please do keep my identity confidential.####

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