He restored all for my family

July 22, 2017 by 0

My testimony is long over but better late than never
I will worship you forever, love you forever because this God is too good ohh?
I say thank you to the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the Unchangeable Changer, the Olowogboro ti n yo omo re ninu ofin for His mercy, favour, love and protection towards my family and I. ever since the Hallelujah Challenge, my family and I have not remained the same in our walk with God. Yes, we were Christians but now it’s on another level. During the hallelujah challenge, I had two dreams, in the first dream, dirt was being cleansed out of my system and the second dream, a thief was inside our house but we couldn’t figure out how he entered the HOuse. After beating him, he began to confess and he also went to bring who sent him.
There were times during the HALLELUJAH challenge, that we were down to the last kobo but GOD always made a way. (You! Made a way! x2, when our back was against the wall and it looked as if it was over you! Made a way, and I’m standing here, only because you made a way)! Awesome God I serve.
He destroyed every spirit of fear in me
My brother’s passport was delivered just like that (he lives in a country where people experience months delay before getting their passport)
My sister’s student visa was provided, after being rejected once and after staying home for one and half years due to financial difficulty.
My other sister passed her WASSCE exams excellently.
The first balance of my fees was provided.. I know HE is faithful and will provide the balances due in August and September even though I do not know how it will be provided
There have been deliverances for my mum. These are a few things that my God Has done ??????.
I trust God for the salvation of the soul of my father. That he will give his life of Christ and also that God will provide resources for the project HE has put in my heart. I also trust God for the gift of tongues.
Thank you JESUS

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