He restored back my Husband

July 24, 2017 by 0

I want to remain anonymous, but am grateful to God for the hallelujah challenge. I joined on the 18th day, before this day my marriage was on fire, my husband didn’t care and was busy doing his thing, and I saw the God of suddenly did a miracle for me. One day You prayed for strange women and strange men and God restoring back husband’s love and heart for their wives,  I prayed that prayer crying and God did it just like that.

Secondly, my baby(son) was born in Nigeria but my husband has a blue passport. I prayed to God that the US consular in Nigeria should grant my baby a blue passport & I booked the appointment, we went there on 29th June, and just like that, the God of suddenly made the consular officer to fall in love with my baby, and she approved his passport on the same day without any further confirmation of medical test or additional information or further investigation.

I’m grateful to Olowogbogboro, because all I asked him during the hallelujah challenge HE’S gonna do it for me, and I will continue to testify, my marriage is peaceful and God is taking charge. Thank you, Pastor. God bless you. I will continue to testify to other things God is going to do for me.

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