He turned my life around!

September 4, 2018 by 0

I relocated to the USA in 2012, and things were rough. So rough that after about 3 years of living here, my mom would still have to give me pocket money when she comes to visit , i was too ashamed to meet up with childhood friends visiting from Nigeria because i wasn’t doing good and didn’t want them know/see that. My life and current situation at the time made me ashamed and i was frustrated .

But last year during the hallelujah challenge, all i could tearfully ask God for, was to turn my life around, elevate and make me a blessing to others. And HE DID IT!! Alot has happened between then and now . He has blessed me with an incredibly good job, i have been a blessing to my parents, as well as my family and friends.

My mom came visiting earlier this year and i was able to compensate her very nicely for times when things were bad and she still had to give me money as an adult living in the USA. I have Joy and God continues to be faithful.

May the Good lord continue to bless you; his oil on your life will not dry. Great shall be your peace. May you never lack and your children are blessed.

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