Healed of Hormonal Imbalance and Granted a Permanent Residency in Canadian

July 25, 2017 by 0

God is good, He has done me well, oh my soul, rise up and praise the Lord. I would like to thank Olowogbogboro for His faithfulness in my life. Olowogbogboro is turning things around for my good, He has started turning my Hallelujah journal into a journal of testimonies. I have always had a hormonal imbalance, so my menstruation could seize for months or even more than a year, took it to the Lord in prayer and He turned it around and restored my cycle.

Also, I applied for Canadian Permanent Residence and noted it as part of my 30 prayer points, not only did God give me PPR, He also approved and confirmed my Permanent Residency.

My third testimony is that I asked him to cause Hurricane Hallelujah to go through my targets and balance sheet at work and He has been more than faithful in helping us meet all our numbers. PRAISE THE LORD!!!

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