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Hello Ps Nathaniel’

I bless God for working through you to increase my faith in the healing power of God. In the year 2000, my Dad was diagnosed with glaucoma and simultaneously cataracts were also found in both eyes and was gradually loosing his sight. He has been managing it with medications which cost him approximately 500Gh a month.

We have been praying, sowing seeds and trusting God for healing. The interesting thing is because of the glaucoma when the cataract in the right eye matured for it be removed by surgery, the Drs were reluctant. Because they were not sure of the condition of the nerves would enable him see.

Fast forward to June last year during the challenge I prayed fervently for healing for him. After one particular session I had a dream a man walked up to me and showed my two items which resembled fish scales and said this is it. I woke full of praise knowing that it was done.

Indeed the devil is cunning, just after the challenge my Dad lost 90% of his sight and the Doctor who was willing to attend to him was out of the country indefinitely.

The mercy and grace kept him and in September he was scheduled for the surgery. On the day of the procedure his B.P. rocketed and could not be operated upon. We kept on trusting and believing the hand of God was at work.
And finally in October, he went for the procedure. He said during the procedure, the Dr exclaimed and said this is amazing on two different occasions. And the day after when he went the bandage was taken off he shouted Hallelujah 3 times and danced in the consulting room. Then Dr told him , she was amazed at the condition nerves she saw when she was performing the procedure.

God is great, His timing is impeccable and indeed He has dealt wondrously with my family and I. Thank you Jesus!!!

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