Healing of the Nervous System

June 14, 2017 by 0

In the middle of February last year I woke up after exercising with pain in my lower back down to my toes, I couldn’t sit or stand. I eventually went to the ER and got prescription pain meds and a referral. I ended up doing physiotherapy and multiple doctor visits.
The pain just won’t go away. It was a sciatic nerve pain. Fast forward to Jan 2017 after an MRI, my doc referred me to an orthopedic surgeon, I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis and heniation between my L5 and S1 discs.
I told God I wasn’t going for spinal surgery or another round of physical therapy he was just going to heal me whenever he was up to it. I’ve been on pain meds and muscle relaxers ever since.
I joined the challenge on day 10, as we worshipped I felt chills on the right side of my body from my head to my toes. We wrote down what we wanted from God and Pastor Nathaniel said to add our medical reports, I could only quickly grab the last medical bill mailed to me and danced over it.
It’s been 4 days now, the pain is gone, from my waist down to my toes.
Olowogboboro reach down and touched my nervous system, he is God all by himself!!




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